miRModule: Identification of miRNA modules from high-throughput miRNA-mRNA binding experiments (e.g.CLASH)

miRModule MiRModule is a software tool for systematic discovery of miRNA modules from a set of predefined miRNA target sites. Given a sets of miRNA binding sites, miRModule efficiently identifies groups of miRNAs, whose binding sites significantly co-occur in the same set of target mRNAs, as putative miRNA modules. It works for both experimentally determined miRNA-mRNA binding sites (e.g. from CLASH) and computationally predicted miRNA-mRNA binding sites (e.g. from miRanda). As long as the miRNA-mRNA binding information is provided, miRModule can identify putative miRNA modules based on the provided miRNA binding sites in mRNAs. We provided both Linux and Windows version of the miRModule software.

miRModule Linux Version          

miRModule Windows Version          

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