SIOMICS 2.0 is a Extension Version of SIOMICS 1.4, which adjust the predicted motifs based on the motifs instances.
The SIOMICS 2.0 is able to predict motifs with variable lengthes, which can not be done by the original SIOMICS.
For the detailed description of SIOMICS 2.0, please refer to SIOMICS 2.0 manual

SIOMICS 2.0 is based on SIOMICS results. The following resutls were provided by SIOMICS 2.0
As mentioned in the SIOMICS 2.0 manual , there are :
(1) X.motifs.adjusted
(3) X.motifs.adjusted.JASPAR.pdf
(4) X.motifs.adjusted.TRANSFAC.pdf
(6) X.tfbs.adjusted
(7) x.motifs.adjusted.tfbs.inModule

Comparison of SIOMICS and SIOMICS Extension
We have also compared the performance of SIOMICS and SIOMICS Extension in 13 TFs from mESCs . The detailed comparison results can be downloaded from :
The comparison between SIOMICS and SIOMICS Extension results

Download SIOMICS 2.0
click here to download SIOMICS 2.0 software

SIOMICS 2.0 running results
SIOMICS 2.0 predictions on 13 mESC TFs
Comparison of predicted motifs with known motifs